Yohel’s Barbershop


Jeremiah Mendez '23

Yohel’s Barbershop Chicago

Yohel’s barbershop is located in Chicago’s logan square neighborhood, on 2834 W Fullerton Ave., 60647. The barbershop follows Covid-19 social distancing rules. Clients and new walk-in customers must have a mask on in the barbershop at all times, barbers are also required to follow social distancing rules. Barbers are required to wear masks, have clean clippers & trimmers, and maintain distance if possible.

The barbershop requires all of its barbers and stylists to be licensed and experienced. The barbers inside the shop have a passion for cutting hair, from working day & night with strong attention to detail. The barbershop also has friendly barbers and a welcoming environment. This barbershop, unlike many, allows walk-in customers to be seated and attended without an appointment. The vibe is friendly throughout the barbershop- these men work hard but provide a relaxed and loving experience.

Yohel’s barbershop offers a clean and safe environment for its clients. Barbers are required to fully disinfect trimmers & clippers after closing. The cleaning technique they use was taught to them by the owner Yohel. In this technique, barbers are required to pour ¼ inch of barbicide cleaning solution onto a dish, brush the hair from the blades, submerge the blades for 10 to 30 seconds, and repeat the process for other barber supplies. The reason for that is that dirty equipment can cause razor bumps and itchiness on the client’s head and face.

Barbers throughout the shop work hard and give great haircuts at the perfect price. These men pay attention to every detail and will stop at nothing to make sure the client is satisfied. The barbershop also offers a welcoming and friendly environment. The barbershop consists of Hispanic music and friends just catching up with each other. Basketball and baseball games are watched in the shop, new relationships are made, and laughter and smiles are heard and seen throughout the shop.

The men in this barbershop are also understanding. When cutting kids’ hair, some barbers have comic books or toys to give out to kids as a distraction for them to sit still while getting their haircut. The owner Yohel strives to make anyone walking in happy when they walk out. Not only does he own the shop, but he also works as a barber every day.

Barbers working at Yohel’s barbershop must show proof of their barber license when hired and must have experience cutting hair. These barbers will step out of their comfort zone to make the client happy, they adapt to new haircuts and designs, and are always willing to give it their all. The barbers in the shop also give good haircuts with attention to detail to make sure their client is happy. The barbers inside the shop respect their profession- when cutting hair these barbers are locked in. They aren’t on the phone or distracted. They are focused, hold themselves accountable, and set high standards for themselves and their work ethic.

Yohel’s barbershop is full of men who love their job and their clients. They are chatty and love working with kids. These barbers love giving advice and guiding their youth clients in life, sports, and school. A personal experience I can share was during the pandemic these barbers lowered their prices because they understood the situation, they put their clients before themselves. Unlike many barbershops, Yohel’s barbershop offers walk-ins meaning you can come in without an appointment and get squeezed in for a haircut.

These barbers have a passion for cutting hair, they love it and they’re great at it.
Yohel’s barbershop is a place where you can get a fresh haircut and make new relationships on the same day. The barbers inside the shop are friendly, loving, and understanding. These men work very hard to make their clients happy for the right price and to keep a safe and clean environment for their clients.

Yohel opened the shop in 2011 after leaving Puerto Rico. His barbershop logo colors represent Puerto Rican flag colors. They offer haircuts with eyebrows starting at $25. Additional services included designs, braids, face treatment, line ups, and waxing.

They currently have 4.5/5 stars on Google reviews!