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Victor King '22

Info-graphic containing statistics of a survey taken by Pritzker students and staff

School is back in-person and everyone has seemed to have gone back to their somewhat normal pre-pandemic routines. It is hard to believe that just five months ago we were still learning behind a screen and had spent over a year learning virtually. While online school did have some benefits, in-person school was always a better option for students and teachers.

Students tend to be able to focus more in the classroom rather than in front of a computer screen. In addition to that, teachers are also able to help better support their students. A poll of 405 Pritzker students found that 67.4% of students’ learning needs are met better during in-person learning.

Furthermore, an additional poll for Pritzker staff concluded that 82.1% of staff believed that their students learn better when they teach in person. Additionally, 19% of students did not believe that their learning needs were somewhat met during online learning, while 17.9% of staff believed that their students’ needs were not met.

Human beings are not meant to learn or teach from behind the screen. Everyone has their unique ways of learning, and for most Pritzker students, online learning did not cater to their ways of learning. Students and teachers should not have to worry about wi-fi problems or sound issues when it comes to communication with each other regularly or participating in class.

The poll also found that 88.6% of students thought that breakout rooms were awkward. Moreover, on a scale of one to ten, 36.5% of students and 20.8% of staff rated their online school experience below six. Students need to have human interaction with one another and work better in person than in awkward breakout rooms online. Talking to a screen when completing a classroom assignment in groups just does not go well for a majority of students. As human beings, we naturally need that in-person interaction especially when it comes to being in school and learning with others. We build off of each other’s ideas and there was not a lot of that during online learning. Students just can not learn by themselves and teachers can not teach to blank screens and think their students are making any progress.

While some may say that students were able to get more work done when school was online and ended early, students need to be in the classroom so they can focus more because not everyone can learn from a screen. A school community can not be a community just made up of a bunch of blank zoom screens. Learning from a screen for almost four hours is just not the appropriate school experience for human beings.


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