Phones in hallways but not in classrooms?


Cristian Mendoza'22

Senior Faviana Bazan using a cell phone during passing periods.

There has been a drastic change in the rules for Pritzker this school year. Were the rules changed for the better? Rule changes include no longer having demerits nor LaSalle and a whole new dress code. Students enrolled at Pritzker are now getting used to the new phone policy. This can be controversial being that many students were only familiar with the old guidelines.

A senior, like myself, can say that the past uniform guidelines were more fitting to the Noble name and the Pritzker pride. Freshmen, however, have not had a chance to see Pritzker in its entirety.

Junior Jose Serrano thinks “[phones] are helpful in a way, but [he doesn’t] see why we can’t have our phone out when we have nothing to do.” Serrano has a different approach to this and is against how cell phones should be used in class. He believes that they should only be used when there is no school work left to do. This makes it so it’ll be the last thing to do after school. He goes on to say, “I’d say before the cell phone policy the rules were perfect right where they were at.”

Freshman student Gabe Resendiz has his first year experience of a new Pritzker College Prep. Resendiz says, “I feel very relieved about not having to face the struggles from last year’s rules.” Resendiz knew about Pritzker before he was actually enrolled here. “I was a little nervous going to high school, especially at a school with such high standards.” Resendiz knew what he was going into when applying to Pritzker. This matters because this can be a little inaccurate when considering Pritzker for a school to go to.

There were different perspectives for different grade levels because each has different ways of seeing it. For example, as a senior, I am one of the only students that have had a full year of the old guidelines. I was just starting to get used to the high standards Pritzker has set for me. It was also quite relieving to have a little more breathing room and choice in uniform. The phone policy did not affect me as much because I would already have my phone off in my pocket no matter what class I was in. This rule change was the decision of the culture team.

My dad and I were interviewed before the school year started about how we felt about the demerit and LaSalle change. I felt against it at first because of how chaotic it would get if it was taken away. With that much freedom, a lot of things can go wrong such as students continuously having behavioral issues without any form of punishment. It was one of the few reasons why I chose Pritzker. The strictness and the high standards are what stood out to me the most and why it made it made me feel like I was progressing as a teenager. The old guidelines helped me produce habits I still use today.


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