Winter Assemblies Canceled: A 10th Grade Perspective


Rubi Villagomez '24, Opinion Writer


As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, there will be no big group winter assemblies at Pritzker College Prep.

As a result of Covid-19 restrictions and the safety of students and staff, all school grades’ assemblies will be canceled. With the new omicron variant just hitting Chicago and the rise in cases, Pritzker has announced an early dismissal for students and staff safety for the month of January. This would lessen the time to plan any assemblies and assures the Pritzker as a whole community is taking the correct and safe protocols for one another. 

Student Council staff sponsor and chemistry teacher Jaclyn Gaudiot doesn’t believe we’ll have any whole school assemblies “since we have so many people and our spaces don’t provide necessarily enough room considering Covid protocols- I don’t think fun assemblies with the entire school together is going to happen since it is also getting colder and outdoor isn’t going to be an option.” 

 Some students have mixed feelings about the lack of big group assemblies. Sophomore Alexandra Torres is one of these students. “I find these types of events as motivation since us Pritzker students work hard daily. Although I understand it isn’t the right time due to Covid [and] the safety for me and others matter the most,” Torres expressed. Assemblies were a way for students to stay motivated and stay positive in general overall in their academic path during Covid-19.

Some may feel that this lack of winter assemblies could lead to a lack of joy/ connection among the student body. When asked about this, Gaudiot expressed “As a teacher, I always want to support students and give them opportunities to connect and find joy. I think what is also stressful too is that I want to help my students and find solutions and make everything better for them, but this is also something I haven’t been through and I don’t always have the solution.”

Before the pandemic, these assemblies would be held at the whole grade level without any worries or concerns about others’ health. Gaudiot, who has been teaching at Pritzker for four years, mentioned “Back then school winter assemblies, or assemblies in general with all grades, were usually held in the gym. Students would fill up the bleachers and students would sit on the floor back to their knees crowded around, and from there the assembly would begin.”

As we wait for the weather to warm up, continue to follow protocols so we can begin having large group gatherings outside on the blacktop.

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