Pritzker Co-Ed Cheer team Wins the CPS Varsity Championship



Pritzker Cheer team pose for a picture holding the CPS City-Wide Varsity Plaque

On Feb 12, 2022, At Whitney Young High School, The Pritzker Co-Ed Cheer team was able to pull it off and won the CPS City-wide Co-Ed Varsity Championship. This win came off winning the Noble League Championship the weekend before.
Cheer Coach and teacher at Pritzker Kaedi Young explained how “This season has been amazing! It has for sure been a lot more difficult because of Covid. Our team was almost all new besides 7 returners and so we had to start fresh and build our team up!”
For many members, this was their last competition. One of those members was senior Captain and returner Emily Trujillo. Trujillo went on to explain how “As a senior, it feels amazing to end off on a win after four years of hard work and dedication.” and how she was grateful to have such an “amazing team” and an “amazing coach” who was able to get her through “hard times.” Senior returner and Captain Evelyn Gutierrez expressed the same sentiment “We hit the routine as best as we could and we proved to the judges that we were capable of hitting our routine […] Hearing that the “Pritzker Jaguars” had won made me very happy! I was proud of myself and the team because we gave it our best to earn that championship! Bringing another plaque to school is the best feeling because it can be a reminder of how much work the team put in to achieve the best.”
For those on the edge of deciding whether to join the Cheer team or not. Trujillo expressed how “Cheer has shaped my life in many ways and it has taught me what perseverance and determination means. As a competitive 7-peat team, we work hard for our title […] Competitions are our “games” and they are extremely nerve-wracking and scary but they are also extremely fun as a team.” Gutierrez also explained how the people that are thinking about joining cheer “SHOULD try out!” as it can “Help you gain some confidence you didn’t know you had.” and it can “help you understand and experience how a person is supposed to persevere when it comes to an obstacle.”
Even though the season has come to an end. The memories that are made will last a lifetime. For Trujillo, her favorite memory was “Our last competition(CPS) […] we were all so nervous and we did our yearly tradition of huddling in a circle and supporting each other with motivational words and then yelling out the words, “We can. We will. We must.”. We ended our huddle by bringing it in one last time which felt so surreal because it was the last time I would be performing with some of my favorite people.” Meanwhile, Gutierrez’s favorite memory was the cheerleading season as a whole. “Cheerleading has always been something I looked forward to because it would be the place where I could destress from anything related to school work […] I am always going to be proud of being part of the Pritzker Cheerleading team because it taught me many things about teamwork and about myself which is something I would like many other people to experience! This season will be one I will remember and I can’t wait to see what team will bring in the years to come.”
Although this will be the last competition for  the Seniors on the team. All the hard work and dedication that was put on and off the mat will never be forgotten.