Hallmark Holidays


Litzaira Paz, Feature Editor

Hallmark Holidays is something hard to explain. Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Sweetest Day, and more are all examples of Hallmark Holidays. 

 The internet defined a Hallmark Holiday as a holiday that exists for a commercial purpose rather than to celebrate a traditional holiday, a religion, or a historical event. 176 students at Pritzker took a survey to see what they thought about Hallmark Holidays. 80.7% of the students who took the survey did not know what a hallmark holiday was. For example, on Valentine’s Day people usually buy flowers or chocolate for significant others or people they care about. These are examples of businesses trying to gain profit

During these holidays, many stores have many decorations, and chocolate prices rocket. 84.1% of the students agreed with the idea that Hallmark Holidays are for companies to gain profit.

 Sophomore Isaly Velez stated, “I think these “holidays” are just for companies to gain profit off of them because even if these holidays hold significance, not everybody is in love, Irish or whatever the case may be. They’re just holidays made for the fun of it.” 

On the contrary, 15.9% of the students who took the survey disagreed that Hallmark Holidays are just for businesses to gain profit. Of that 15.9%, Senior Yulianna Diaz shared “Business is business.” 

Freshman Mia Duque explained, “They help companies gain more business when people are buying decorations or candies or anything holiday-related.” 

 Students explained how they do not celebrate Valentine’s Day because they do not have a significant other or because they don’t really like it. Others shared how they get dressed up to go out for dinner or even give their family members candy and flowers. 

67% of the students who took the survey said that they do not take much importance on these holidays. Jeremiah Mendez ‘23 wrote, “Valentine’s day was fun in grade school but now it’s just another day in the week.” On the other hand, Josiah Maldonado ‘22 wrote “I like Valentine’s because it’s a day of loving and you can show that by giving presents.”

In the end, Hallmark Holidays seem to be important to some students and non-important to others.