Coding Club For Future Computer Scientists


Angel Hernandez, Feature Editor

Have you ever wanted to get into coding or wanted to make your own game? Caroline Schwartz’s coding club can help you get started on a computer science career path.

The coding club has been run by Schwartz for about eight years out of her nine years teaching at Pritzker. 

Schwartz uses “CodeCombat” to teach coding languages Python and HTML.  She uses Python for intro to computer science and HTML for web development.  Work for the club is done asynchronously so there are no club meetings, but Schwartz is available for help during her office hours. 

Joshua Bustamante, a member of the club, says, “She assigns a module, a new course basically.” The modules are levels that are about making your own minigame or filling in blanks using code to complete them. When a module is complete, a new one is assigned. 

Bustamante speaks about his thoughts on the coding club. “It’s pretty easy, it’s really repetitive.” He also tells those who are interested in joining the club to take the opportunity and that the work is manageable. 

Schwartz’s motivation to start the coding club was to give a chance to teach computer science to students at Pritzker. “I never had computer science when I was in school.” Schwartz also states, “It was always something that I knew about but never had access to.” 

She also hopes students get a spark of interest or an idea of what computer science is about. “Just getting kids interested in it to want to pursue it more to hopefully find a passion for it if it’s something they want to do.” Bustamante says his motivation for joining the club is, “It had to do with my career path and I needed to do it so it can look good on my college resume.”

Computer science can lead to a job in software development, web development, network architecture, mobile application designing or developing, and many more. If computer science is a career you would want to pursue, Schwartz’s coding club could be the first step in your path.