“Still Over It”: An Album For The Heartbroken


Screenshot of the album on Spotify

Victor King'22, Review Writer

Summer Walker’s latest album, “Still Over It,” lives up to the hype with in depth lyricism, raw emotion, and well produced songs, proving that R&B music never left. 

Released on Nov. 5, 2021,  “Still Over It” contains 20 songs and has a runtime of one hour and five minutes. The album includes features from Cardi B, JT from City Girls, SZA, Ari Lennox, Lil Durk, Omarion, Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes, and Ciara.

Before listening to this album I was already a Summer Walker fan and this album made me an even bigger one.

I was not expecting the lyrics to resonate and hit me the way they did. I was very surprised about how brutally honest Walker was about the relationship she has with the father of her child in the song,  “4th Baby Mama.” Lil Durk’s verse on “Toxic” added a nice male point of view to the song. Moreover, her debut album, “Over It,” dealt more with the ups and downs of a relationship while “Still Over It” just completely goes away from that narrative and just focuses on the complete end of a relationship.  

This album as a whole reminded me of the quote, “Hell hath no fury than a woman’s scorn.” In my opinion, there was so much raw emotion put into these songs. I felt the heartbreak and anger in Walker’s voice in the song “Bitter,” which was the perfect opening track. Walker even had me feeling like I went through a really hard breakup.  Furthermore, Walker harmonizing with herself in the chorus of  “No Love” really added another layer of depth and tenderness to the song.  “Insane” also had a nice gloomy vibe to it, making it the type of song I’d listen to on a rainy day.

As someone who loves R&B music, the production of this album satisfied me very much. The song “Unloyal” reminded me of something Erykah Badu would sing. “Ex for a Reason” also had a nice early 2000s feeling to it and “Dat Right There” was a very unexpected upbeat song that could probably be played at a club.

   While some might have thought the songs were relative and the album was too long, I think that length doesn’t matter. Many music listeners nowadays are just used to the same one and a half minute songs with lyrics that aren’t telling stories and don’t mean anything.

  • “Still Over It” debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200
  • First female #1 R&B album since Lemonade by Beyonce
  • The album sold 166,000 units