Through My Window is a teen romance with a bit of angst


Joselyn Molina '23

Ares apologizing to Raquel after realizing his mistakes

Joselyn Molina ’23, Writer

On Feb 4 Netflix released one of  Wattpad’s stories, Through My Window, by Ariana Godoy. 

The movie focuses on the relationship between  Raquel and Ares. When they first encounter, Ares is hesitant to be around her because he knows that she has feelings for him. As they start getting closer,  we see Are’s family does not approve of their relationship.  Although Raquel is constantly getting hurt by his actions, she doesn’t give up on their relationship. 

The biggest thing to watch, besides them growing as a couple, was watching Ares grow as an individual. At the beginning of the movie, we see him be so rude to Raquel and do many unforgiving things. He took her caring for granted. After a breaking point, he saw that he did need Raquel in his life, to make him better. After this, he was able to be more open and caring about his feelings which was a warming touch as a watcher. It was a good edition to see this in his character because it made the story more interesting and it gave the watchers dread what he was gonna do next. 

Aside from Ares and Raquel, we get to see another relationship spark with Ares’s brother and Raquel’s friend. It was a nice addition to see them on the side also develop a relationship. 

We saw that this movie included many enjoyable tropes: an angry male lead, a caring female, an unsupporting parent, heartbreak, etc. Although this movie wasn’t in English, it was still like any ordinary teen romance. However, the build-up leading to their happy ever after was worth the watch. Every action was very fitting for the plot.  

  • The original language is European Spanish, but you could use subtitles. 
  • There will be a sequel to “Through My Window”.
  • “Through My Window” is only available on Netflix.