How Male-to-Female transgender athletes impact women’s sports


Cristian Mendoza ’22

Has anyone ever thought about how heartbreaking it is to devote so much of one’s time and energy to something to just get it stolen by someone who was born a woman?

Several athletes have won because of the unfair advantages they have biologically. What is going to be discussed is the limits trans athletes have until people start getting suspicious about the fairness in letting more masculine women participate in these events. 

Senior Faviana Bazan had a strong feeling about the stance of transgender females not being able to compete in all cisgender (same gender as when someone was born) women sports. 

This goes completely opposite to my idea of not letting transgender women into these cisgender competitions. Bazan explained, “I say that they do not have an unfair advantage because they know the regulations and everything.” Bazan goes by the policies of the competitions and thinks everyone has the same chance of winning because the rules are the same for everyone. 

This does go for everyone but still does not cover the fact that the individual competitors each have their own edge biologically and some have an even higher chance of winning because of how they were born or have transitioned. 

Bazan goes on to say, “The debate is clear that they are women despite what biology or science would say.“ Despite all facts of biology, Bazan strongly believes everyone has a fair chance of winning a competitive sport even with sometimes clear interactions. 

May this interaction be different from what English teacher Omar Esparza says about this. Esparza believes, “At most times throughout the competition there should be hormonal testing.” These were the limitations that should be set for every competitor because it will make sure that no person will be “better” than the other.  

Esparza also stated,I’m not sure that sports should be gender-neutral, though I believe they should be more fluid, inclusive, and generally progressive.” 

Some would argue that everyone should be able to compete no matter what gender or hormonal level they are. 

It would not be fair for women to wait years for the creation of women’s sports, separate from men, to have to compete against women who were born a man anyways. Back then there weren’t many cases of transgender women in women’s sports. Now that there are more cases of this happening, the problem has risen to the question. 

Should transgender females be allowed to compete with cisgender females in sports?


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