Gen Z Hits Different: The New Fire Slang

Some of Gen Zs new slang words

Some of Gen Z’s new slang words

Ailyn Corona , Feature Editor

With generation Z, people born between 1997 and 2012,  growing up, there are new words coming along with them. “As Millennials hit their thirties and forties, our society begins to adapt and welcome the new upgrowing generation, Generation Z.

Millennials, if you did not know already, are people born from the years 1981-1996. Gen Z is the new generation that is coming in stronger than ever, being more racially diverse, more ethnically diverse, and the most educated generation to yet come. But in so, they also come with new slang words that only make sense to them, so we begin.

“Bruh”, “bet”, “no cap”, “bread”, and “periodt” are some of the new words that Gen Z has given a new meaning to our standardized language. It is something youngsters adapt to without even knowing; something that is seen on all sorts of social media and spoken.

“Bruh”, “fam”, “homeboy/girl”, “G”, and “cuz” are all words that mean the same thing but are used totally differently, but all meaning friend. “The way I use bruh would be like ‘bruhhhh’ when someone says something dumb or ‘bruh, let’s just go get some food,’” stated Alexis Vallejo. 

“Some words that I use a lot would have to be words like on bro, on God, on my momma, and so on. I say it because it just has become my vocabulary at this point,” stated senior Jose Cano.

Words like those have all the same meaning, they are all defined as putting your word on something important to you as if saying you aren’t lying. It is so commonly used in now’s generation that Gen Z knows to believe you when you put your word on something that you care about. 

“I say words like merch, g looks, facts, simp, sus, and wack. If I had to describe the words I use most, it would probably be merch and g looks. Merch is like putting it on something and glooks is short for good looks which means like thank you,” stated Vallejo.

The word “merch” originated in Chicago which is why it is used far more here than in other places. Another Chicago-originated word would be “G-Fazos” which is a pair of Air Force  1s that came from Chicago rapper, G Herbo. 

Words like “periodt pooh” and “it’s the (inserted word) for me” originated from Tik Tok and celebrities like City Girls. “Periodt pooh” is more like the way someone hypes up another person: could be used as ‘periodt” by itself as well. “It’s the bad hair for me”, “It’s the big nose for me” and so on came from Tik Tok, used to roast another person or call them out somehow, used in a playful way (or not..). 

When asked about this word, “I say periodt probably every other sentence, it’s just an easily used word that can really work for anything at any time, to be honest,” exclaimed senior Zulema De Luna.

With that being said, you’ll be seeing Gen Z sliding into your DM and welcoming you to the vibes. Gen Z will be the generation that hits different and that’s on what? That’s on periodt pooh!


No cap The truth, not lying
Periodt End of someone’s sentence
Bread Money
Merch Providing evidence to show what you’re claiming to be or do
G-Fazos White air forces
Hits different Way better


Sus Suspicious
Simp Someone who does too much for someone they like
G Looks Almost like a thank you
Wack Really sucks