Behind the Scenes: The Teacher Corner Store and Office Support Teams



Students have a party to celebrate the success of the program

Third period on Friday’s jaguar scholars in the Career Class run the Teacher Corner Store in room 207. OThe sponsor of this program is none other than Special Education Department Chair Molly Schrishuhn.
For those who don’t know what the program is,  “Students in Career class participate in two different businesses: the Teacher Corner-store and Office Support. The purpose of these businesses is to build job skills such as working on a team, stocking products, taking inventory, filling orders, & making deliveries as well as interviewing, managing timesheets, and earning paychecks. At the end of the school year, they will be able to update their resumes with their job experiences which will hopefully help them get part-time jobs outside of school” Schrishuhn explains.
This is the first semester in which the Teacher Corner Store & Office Support businesses have existed. But as Schrishuhn puts it, “In a previous school year, there was a coffee cart operated by the same class.” It seems this cart has gotten an upgrade with the implementation of salty and sweet snacks for staff to enjoy. 
Schrishuhn commended the 11th and 12th graders for having done “an amazing job of owning and operating the booth, the Teacher Corner-store, and Office Support.” There is a lot of student initiative in the program. As Schrishuhn puts it, “At the end of the first semester, they brainstormed what types of businesses and services teachers in the building could use. They then voted on the top two options, applied, & interviewed for their positions. Once the two business teams were established, the students created a plan for how they’d provide the different types of services and coordinated with their managers to get started.
Many teachers gladly support and contribute to the program, one of those being Russian language and jazz band instructor Phillip Stosberg. Stosberg explains, “ I love supporting the Teacher Corner Store. I always place my order early in the week, but I always forget about my order until the students arrive with it on Friday. It’s always one of my favorite surprises, as I am usually utterly exhausted and in need of some extra fuel.”
Stosberg agreed with Schrishuhn in regards to the valuable skills that students can pick up while in the program. “This is a nice way for the students that run the store to learn some fundamental business skills, and they get to directly see the satisfaction of the customers when they deliver our orders.” Although Stosberg did allude to the fact that sometimes he felt “guilty” that he got to “enjoy his order” while students not a part of the program did not have a chance to order. For Stosberg, in his “utopian vision of the future” students would also have options for snacks. Stosberg even goes so far as to say he hopes for an “espresso bar” and a “reading lounge.” Will his dreams come true? Only time may tell, but for now, the next time you see a student delivering snacks or offering support in the main office, give them a high five for showcasing exceptional leadership and euntrepreneurial skills.