Spider-Man: No way home Review: A End to a Trilogy

Edgar Garcia, Review Writer

By Edgar Garcia  ‘22

Spider-Man: No way home ends the Spider-man trilogy with amazing acting, all-around storytelling, and full of action. 

Now that Spider-Man’s identity is revealed, Peter Parker cannot separate his normal life and Spider-man life anymore. With this affecting everyone around him, Peter asks Doctor Strange for help. However, things go wrong and the stakes become high. With everything going on, Peter Parker struggles with what to do. This forces him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

Each actor did an amazing job portraying their characters. Tom Holland and Willem Dafoe have star performances for Spider-man and the Green goblin. Each scene these two have in the movie was my favorite. The rest of the cast also brings their all in the movie. Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob Bataion show their phenomenal chemistry in each scene they have together.

Movie poster of Spider-Man No Way Home

With the amazing acting, it also comes with all-around storytelling. Peter Parker is the focus character in this story where he struggles with what is the right thing to do. With the dynamic of the ideals of Peter and the ideals of Spider-man. The story uses past movies’ moments and adds to them perfectly to create this development for Peter Parker. 

With this being a superhero movie there is going to have a lot of action. And with back-to-back action scenes to keep you entertained. If you’re not entertained by the acting, this movie does not hold back with action. And with the multiple villains come multiple fight scenes. It helps more along with the story.  And with amazing CGI, fight choreography, and stunts. These aspects show the detail the movie goes to provide to the audience. 

One of the most focused critics is that the movie relies too much on nostalgia. However, that case is when nostalgia is done wrong, in this case, it was done with justice. 

With the major success of having a gross of over $1.7 billion worldwide, Sony will bring Spider-man back again.


  • 2h 28 minutes
  • PG-13 
  • Sony Pictures Studios