Pricey v. Low Cost: What Are Students Wearing?

By Ailyn Corona

As the days progress, we see all the differences and trends that go by: fashion continues to transform into something new. The real question is: what do people prefer when buying clothes and what makes them feel their best selves?

Name brand stores such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, True Religion, Prada, are some examples of exclusive clothing that people are attracted to. Name brands are mostly admired for their significant quality.
Designer brands are idolized because celebrities seek expensive items. Because celebrities do so, the public begins to mimic their favorites.

Expensive doesn’t mean fashionable, the way you model your clothing and make it work is the real fashion.
“I love going out and getting complimented for my outfit; for that reason, I feel inspired to start my own clothing brand in the future. My dream of having BuenoX, my personal clothing brand, is for it to become a mulit-millionaire company and to inspire people to get into fashion to express themselves through clothing,” says senior fashionista, Alexis Bueno.

“I like shopping for designer brands because it makes me feel fresh and it boosts my appearance. I don’t buy for the price or the hype that it receives, but for the comfort it brings me knowing that I bought it for myself,“ says Senior Alexis Vallejo. “I love Nike, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and Louie Vuitton,“ he expressed.

On the other hand of shopping and trends, there’s the thrifters and streetwear type of clothing. People that like that type of clothes usually go shopping in thrift stores, of course, Goodwill, Unique, Discount Village, graphic tee shops and more. People that fit this description and fall under this trendy aesthetic make sure their clothes are affordable and to their appeal of liking. Artists and hippies are examples of people that thrift and are creative with their finds.

Bueno, who describes himself as a photographer and a graphic designer, stated, “I love thrifting; you get to become creative and experiment with different styles and color combinations,” he adds, “you get to be unique and you can even get lucky and find pieces of designer clothing for the best prices and it’s the best feeling ever,” he concluded.

“I love going thrifting! I go to Village Discounts and make sure I get clothes that are under $6, sometimes exceptions. I even cut my own pants and customize them to my own liking! On a budget and I still make sure to keep my outfits looking bomb,” expressed senior Stephanie Velazquez.

That being said, we come to the conclusion that they are fashion opposites. Two differentiating sides that give similar emotions to their customers. The fashion trends to yet surface are what the retailers and fashion designers have yet to await!