Pritzker Alumni On The Way To Musical Success


Axel Guitierrez

Los Del 290 posing for a photo

In Oct. 2020, the Gutierrez brothers, Axel and Jonathan, and their friends began a band named Los Del 290. They began to practice in their cousin’s garage and then moved on to play at events.

Axel and Jonathan attended Pritzker College Prep from the years 2016-2020. Axel took on the role of being the lead singer of the band, while Jonathan became the manager of the group. The reason why the band came about was because Jonathan wanted to start learning how to play the guitar.

Axel says, “He wanted to learn the guitar, so he had one of the members come over, try teaching him and then from there the rest just got together and started just like that.” From there he got the idea to start a band. They decided they wanted to represent the city of Chicago. So they took inspiration from the highway route used here which is Route 290.

As of right now they have only released 2 songs “Malos Tiempos” and “El Inicio”, both of which can be found on YouTube. Jonathan says the songs are about “things I’ve been through in life and things that happen around me.” Jonathan also says, “Album or more music? Hopefully when we have an established team again because we’ve been going through some stuff lately.”

More music can be expected in the upcoming months. The band also focuses on going to play at events like clubs or parties. They have an instagram page, @los_del290, where they can be contacted for any social event.

Their first main event was at VLive Chicago Nightclub which can be found in Little Village. They played for an hour along with other bands that attended the event. “It was an experience we never had”, says Jonathan. After the nightclub event and other events Axel says, “I feel the confidence now so I drive the people now.” Before, Axel says he would feel very nervous and wouldn’t even look at the crowd.

Their goals for the band is to keep making noise in the city and to be booked with events all year long. Their future goal is to make more music to put out on YouTube for their fanbase. From practicing in their cousin’s garage to performing live, they are now on the road to success.