On My Block Season 4: An Intriguing and Facinating Season


Javier Hernandez

In the end, Jamal, Cesar, Monse, and Ruby are all together celebrating the time they have together and the death of Abuelita.

After an incredible and surprising third season of On My Block, the story continues on to season four. With an essential time jump, outstanding acting, and a spectacular ending season 4 was emotional and complete.

On my Block focuses on a group of friends that are trying to go through high school together, trying to get a friend out of a gang, and building meaningful connections/ growing with each other.

Season three ends with Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Jamal (Brett Gray) going their separate ways, which is where season four picks up from. Cesar is now with Los Santos, a long life family gang he has been trying to get away from throughout the show. Monse now attends a private boarding school and has made new friends and lost touch with her old friends. Ruby and Jasmine still have a strong relationship after all the years that have gone by. Jamal began hanging out with the popular kids after he began feeling isolated from his old friend group.

This time jump was necessary as there wasn’t anything for the writers to add since the characters had already gone through so much. The time jump gave the show a different type of vibe because the characters were awkward around each other, which eventually led the viewer to understand what happened between them that caused everything to go wrong.

In the first few seasons, the acting was questionable. Tinoco (Cesar) was a bit hard to connect with because his facial expressions made it hard to tell what he was feeling. However, as the show progressed, Tinoco’s acting improved, allowing the audience to connect with him better and enjoy the show a lot more. Throughout the season, there were multiple deaths. Tinoco and Genao (Ruby) did an amazing job in showing the emotions these characters felt. I really like how Gray (Jamal) acts because you could really connect with him. For example, when he’s angry, he really gets angry and I just sit back and feel angry alongside my favorite character.

On My Block came to an end in season 4. With many twists and turns, the show ends with the characters celebrating, rather than feeling sad. I feel like the show came back full circle since it showed a new generation of kids peeking through the fence watching the older people drink and have fun, just like the original cast members did at the beginning of season one. Overall, the ending was good and felt like it closed all gaps but could have been slightly better.

Some controversies around the last season are that the writers didn’t finish off as strong as they could have. I get where this is coming from, but the show didn’t end as badly as it could have. The deaths and relationships made the characters grow together, which I think made the ending good.

Average episode length: 30 minutes
38 episodes total
Available to watch on Netflix